22 Oct

3 Ways to Make Your User Reviews Work for You

You’ve seen them on practically every well-known online store, and you’ve probably written some yourself: reviews.

Many online shops have successfully implemented a review system for their products and services. Allowing customers to leave feedback makes them feel that their input is valuable to you. Letting customers leave comments about the products they purchase is a great way to show that your company is setting its sights on customer satisfaction.

Magento is compatible with several review system applications that you can install and implement in your own e-commerce site. A lot of Magento users have already begun enjoying this service, and are probably reaping the benefits in terms of client happiness.

If you are skeptical as to the lasting effects of this kind of service on your own shop, here are three ways that can use user reviews to your advantage:

Connect with your customers

The first immediate advantage of allowing user reviews is connection to clients. Welcoming their comments – and saying a simple “thank you” or acknowledging their feedback – will definitely tell them that you value what they have to say. When the customer sees that you have a review and feedback system in place, they will feel that you’re not just robbing them of their money. As a result, they build trust and loyalty to your brand.

Get new ideas (and possible improvements) from your customers

Many online shop owners who have installed a user review system discovered that customer feedback yields a lot of suggestions. These may come in the form of modifications to existing products or totally new concepts. These bits of information can be very useful for a company that wants to be on top. You may feed this input to your R&D team, so that they can come up with changes and new products that you can sell later.

Use reviews as new content for SEO

Are you hard-pressed to generate new content on your online store website? Let your own customers feed the content to you through their reviews. Google puts a premium on reviews, especially if you have configured rich snippets in your site.

So, give your customers their virtual soapbox and let their words work for you.

[Photo courtesy of Sascha Grant on Flickr]

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