29 Jan

Basic Access Authentication with Kloxo-MR for NGINX

Often when you are doing development on a new site you want to protect the site from outside eyes and especially from bots prematurely crawling the site. A popular way to do this is to through basic access authentication. Or forcing user to enter username and password before being able to access the site.

With Kloxo-MR you can added and removed from the NGINX config through its control panel. Just follow the steps below to easily add restrictions to your site.

Adding Restrictions

  • Find Domain
  • Find Button
  • Choose Directory
  • Create Credentials

Find Domain you want to add restriction to.

Click on "All" Button
Click on domain

Find “Protected Directories” button

Find Protected Directories Button

Add the restriction name and directory.

Choose Directory

Add username and password

Choose Restriction
Put in user & password

Removing Restrictions

Find the permission within domain and delete

Deleting Permissions


If for some reason either adding or deleting your basic access authentication doesn’t work. Then you will want to test NGINX config and then restart NGINX. You can do this as well through Kloxo-MR command center.
These are the commands to use.

/usr/sbin/nginx -t
/etc/init.d/nginx restart
  • Test NGINX Config
  • Restart NGINX

Test NGINX configuration before restarting. Make sure there are no errors before proceeding further.

/usr/sbin/nginx -t
Testing NGINX Config

Restart NGINX.

/etc/init.d/nginx restart
Restarting NGINX
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