20 Aug

7 Important Factors for Magento Speed

Once you have set up a Magento-powered e-commerce website, the next step to focus on is how to optimize it. There are many ways to improve the performance of your Magento store, but all of them boil down to a shortlist of factors.

If you are looking to speed up your Magento online store, take note of these important factors for Magento speed:

  1. Use NGINX instead of Apache. NGINX is more lightweight than Apache, so if you’re starting with a simple store that sells a few products, you don’t need the features of the heavier Apache server. NGINX helps you save RAM resources to optimize PHP and MySQL.
  2. Take advantage of multiple CPU cores and fast engines. For this tip, I suggest you use MySQL 5.5 or Percona 5.5, while PHP-FPM 5.3 or 5.4 should address PHP engine speed.
  3. Assess unified backend implementation and site speed for multiple stores. Running many stores on a single unified Magento Backend System could take its toll on the speed of the sites, as they’ll be running on the same set of resources. If speed is being compromised, consider using separate backend systems for each of your stores.
  4. Prioritize shopping cart rules over catalog rules. Let the bulk of server processing run during the shopping cart stage instead of doing everything during catalog browsing.
  5. Don’t use unreliable Magento developers. These developers may come cheap, but don’t expect a smooth-running website. Stick to the big guns when it comes to developers.
  6. Be on top of SEO and search bot behavior. Search engine bots may index your site without rules, which can slow down your store and affect your site’s search engine ranking. If you’re not aware yet, you may customize the bot rules for your website. E-commerce web hosts such as GeeXSE can give you an advanced bot webserver configuration that can help you both prevent misbehaving bots and also create advanced fast cgi caches specifically to improve bots’ access to sites by feeding them all cached content.
  7. Test everything before going live. Always test modules on a developer version of your site before launching it online.

Keeping in mind these seven things will help your Magento-backed store run quickly and smoothly, leading to happy customers.

[Photo courtesy of Jonel Hanopol on Flickr]
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