10 Sep

Best E-Commerce Advice from Successful E-Commerce Brands

A lot of e-commerce websites have changed not only the way we purchase things, but have taken products completely beyond the usual and traditional. One way of striking gold in selling online is to promote a product that is unique and has a specific need to fulfill.

If you are just starting or are about to start a new online business, getting things going may seem overwhelming. Will your product address the needs of your target clients? Will your website’s look attract followers and customers? Will your e-commerce processing system work and not create problems for you and your buyers?

Here are some of the best pieces of e-commerce advice from successful e-commerce brands. Many of these businesses started online and have now grown into huge online empires that earn millions.

  1. “Find ways to tell the story of your makers. Spend time getting to know your makers, and tell their story when you are telling your story as well. People want to see where their products are made, and it creates a stronger connection with your customer, and builds trust.” – Nathan Rothstein of Project Repat
  2. “When engaging with customers, do things early on that don’t scale. Write little personal notes on packages. Say hi to them on Twitter. Invite local customers to come check out your shop” – Bill Trammel of Catan Boards
  3. “Find what you love and let it kill you. We had no idea what we were getting into when we first started. Building a brand and launching a store is easy; it’s what you do with it afterwards that’s hard.” – Joey Nelson of Southern Swim
  4. “Find a way to be genuine. There is so much noise out there and consumers are savvier than ever – you have to really believe in your product and have an honest commitment to your customers to find a message that resonates.” – Kishore Hiranand of Lookmatic
  5. “Make sure you have something awesome that your friends want. If your friends don’t want it, then somebody else better want it, otherwise, it’s not worth doing.” – Mike Krillvsky of Rage On
  6. “To build up interest in the new version, we documented the entire process. Along we way, we shared sketches and pictures of early prototypes and gave our followers a glimpse behind the scenes of our product photo shoots.” – Fred Perrotta of Tortuga Backpacks
  7. “There are always challenges but if you have a clear idea of what the store should look like it will help define the flow of the site and all the other logistical stuff that is critical for a successful online store.” – Ryan Babenzien of Greats Sneakers
  8. “Don’t underestimate the importance of marketing, especially paid advertising. With our site being online only, this has been essential for us. It kick starts everything.” – Jenn Louise
  9. “By using high-class photography, we are able to evoke the color and texture of our fudge so that we can invite online shoppers into our kitchen, the heart of our business.” – Giancarlo Di Sotto of The Fudge House
  10. “Instagram and Facebook has been huge for us. We can engage with our customers and let them be a part of our ‘world’ through Instagram.” – Jess Brumpton of Three Little Birds
  11. “People hate to wait for their purchases and they want to know where their items are, all the time. Pay a little more for a good shipping partner, because it will pay off in the future.” – Diogo Cruz of Vertty

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