31 Jul

Installing php-fpm for Cpanel

First we need to allow php changes in Yum. as Cpanel doesn’t want  you to play too much :D

Edit the file /etc/yum.conf

remove php* from the excludes

exclude=apache* bind-chroot courier* dovecot* exim* filesystem httpd*
mod_ssl* mysql* nsd* perl* php* proftpd* pure-ftpd* ruby* spamassassin*

Now lets install the repo


rpm -Uvh http://centos.alt.ru/repository/centos/5/x86_64/centalt-release-5-3.noarch.rpm
Then install via Yum

yum –enablerepo=CentALT –enablerepo=epel install php-fpm

now edit /etc/php-fpm.conf

modify the user to match that of cpanel(nobody) group (nobody)

then start php-fpm
/etc/init.d/php-fpm start

This is usefull if your planning on installing nginx on your cpanel installation.

Then you no longer need to backproxy to apache.
But just let php-fpm process it for you.




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