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    Now that Magento has almost taken over the e-commerce technology space, it’s not surprising that many businesses are already using the platform to showcase their products and reach wider audience. Your challenge is: how do you make sure you’re giving your target customers the best online shopping experience without putting a hole in your pocket.

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    You surely want to make your online store perform faster and more reliable without paying the high price – we want that, too. With our free Magento optimization, you can have more time with the other important aspects of your business while we make our experts busy in improving your store’s performance.

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OS CentOS 64bit CentOS 64bit CentOS 64bit
Disk Space 24GB SSD 50GB SSD 215GB SSD
Dedicated Memory 2GB 4GB 16GB
Traffic 256GB 512GB 2TB
Support Services Standard Standard Premium
Performance Stack NGINX
APC / Xcache
Percona Server
*Per Month Tax excl. 64,00*€/month 110,00*€/month 355,00*€/month

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At Prohost, we bring to you flexible and world-class Magento hosting solutions that will enable your business to compete effectively online. For as low as €39.00/month, you can already get super fast and secure virtual private servers (VPS) for speedy upgrades and convenient transfer to different hardware with the slightest down time.

Our maximum uptime guarantee is 99% to reduce heavy impact on your lead generation goal. In the event of downtime, we assure you of a pro support and a technical team that’s fully equipped to fix the issue as soon as possible and get your store back up and running immediately. Our advanced security monitoring safeguards your data, particularly, the information collected by your payment processors. Additionally, we can easily upgrade your hosting plan with other great features like NL or BE based servers, multistore option, and optimized MySQL.

Prohost’s Magento hosting solutions afford you with solid infrastructure, easy data management, reliable backup, real-time statistics, and secure online payment systems.

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