26 Nov

More E-Commerce Trends to Watch for in 2015

A few weeks ago, I shared with you some trends in e-commerce that will dictate the online store interface by 2015. This time, let me bring you three more tips that will prepare your online shop for the coming year. Here are more e-commerce trends to anticipate as we enter 2015:

Flat Design

Gone are the days of 3D graphics and over-the-top gradients. Flat design is the web’s latest style trend; that is, going back to basics with a clean and hassle-free design.

Apple gravitated toward flat design when iOS 8 came out, and other websites are following suit. This would be the best time for your website to follow that same style trend going into the next year.

Subtle Transitions and Animations

User experience (UX) effects have become popular as of late. You can see these kinds of effects on modern websites:

  • Hover an image to expose a larger picture in real time
  • Scroll down the page to see animated counters and percentage bars
  • Apply parallax-like movements on page elements over an image or video background

E-commerce shops are not expected to have too much animation and UX transitions, but you can use them in the landing page or promotional pages.

Image Tiles

Microsoft may be behind Apple in terms of advancement, but it doesn’t mean that the tech company is ready to take a back seat. In fact, Microsoft’s intuitive and visually striking Windows 8 OS has taken even the Web by storm with its tiled layout concept.

Here’s a tip: Instead of presenting your website menu in the top bar as text, why not use image tiles for navigation? Images are better perceived by the human brain than words, so using image tiles for your menu may improve the user experience and allow your store customers to find what they’re looking for in a snap.

[Photo courtesy of Allen on Flickr]
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