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Service Restart

It isn’t uncommon for a service like NGINX, MySQL, PHP-FPM to crash leaving you with a website that is down. While most are automatically restarted, this doesn’t always occur. Here are the most common ways to restart services.

Kloxo (MR)

If your server has Kloxo(MR) as the control panel, you can use the following method or SSH.
Find ‘Command Center’ from admin panel.

In the ‘Command’ box type in the following restart command, replacing [service] with name of the service.

/sbin/service [service] restart

You should see something similar to

Stopping nginx: [  OK  ]
Starting nginx: [  OK  ]



Secure Shell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer.

In order to connect to the server through SSH you must have all of the following.

  1. A user with shell enabled and sudo privileges for /sbin/service
  2. SSH Port
  3. User password
  4. Server IP or domain that resolves to it [server]

Then you will use that information to connect to the server through SSH.

ssh -p [ssh port] [user]@[server]

Replace the bracketed items with actual values, then you will be be prompted for the password.
Once you are signed into the server you can now restart the service with the following command, replacing [service] with name of the service.

sudo /sbin/service [service] restart



If you have gPanel as the primary panel then your can use the following method or SSH in order to restart your service. It uses Monit in order to Monitor and restart services.
From the menu go to Services > View / Restart Services.
Look at the ‘Process’ list to see all monitored services that can be restarted through the panel.
Click on the service you want to restart and then at the bottom you can find buttons labeled “Start service”, “Stop service”, “Restart service”.

List of common service names.

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