03 Jan

Magento Cron not Working?

More than you ever need to know about Magento’s cron and how to setup in Kloxo Control Panel

We field a lot of questions about Magento’s cron and how to setup. There are quite a few things that can go wrong in setting up Magento’s cron. But hopefully a little understanding in how it works will help you set it up so that it works right the first time.
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01 Jun

Getting large Mysql Database Dumps from Kloxo Control Panel and Restoring

Because Magento databases are very large and phpMyAdmin has limits on what it can handle in exporting databases. A quicker way to get a full Dump to download would be to use Kloxo’s Database Backup Tool. Here are the steps to do that. Also included at the bottom is how to upload that database again to restore it. This can be really useful if you have production and development installations of Magento. read more

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01 Feb

Kloxo troubleshoot mail

Easiest way to troubleshoot remote mail delivery issues for kloxo is to ssh to your machine and tail the smtp log:

tail -f /var/log/kloxo/maillog

Which should then give you a pretty good idea where the hold up is.



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08 Jul

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