17 Sep

5 Ways to Improve your After Sales Service

Imagine yourself as a customer buying a particular item in an online store. You are impressed with the website layout, the speedy interface, and the easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout pages. However, when you hit the “Purchase” button, you don’t receive any more information about your purchase, leaving you waiting on the doorstep for your item to arrive.

Would you want to return to this online store for another purchase? My guess is no.

After-sales service is one of the most disregarded features of an online business. Establishing stellar after-sales service ensures your customers that you care for them and appreciate their purchase. It’s a tool that big companies like Apple and Amazon use to great measure, and it’s high time that you use this particular technique as well.

Do you want to know the secret to making your clients loyal to your business? Give them efficient after-sales service. Here are five tips to give your clients the best possible service:

1. Notify customers of their purchase through an e-mail confirmation.
In this age when online scams and unreliable sellers abound, sending an e-mail confirmation to your customers about their purchases will give them assurance that you are a real and honest business. This confirmation message is expected by the client, so you better provide them what they want.

2. Give them options on where to send the confirmation message.
Try to configure your own purchasing system so that confirmation messages may be sent through multiple means: email, SMS, or other media. Bottom line: provide your customers with choices as to how they want to receive their purchase confirmation.

3. Provide convenient delivery options.
Pickup or shipping? Regular or express delivery? Giving customers several options on item delivery gives your clients an impression that you want things to be convenient for them.

4. Send them confirmation that the item has already been sent.
Aside from a purchase confirmation e-mail, it also makes the client comfortable when you send them information about the whereabouts of the purchased item. As soon as you have dispatched the item, tell them about it and provide a tracking number if applicable.

5. Reward loyal customers.
Finally, supposing that your e-commerce website handles customer login credentials, give your loyal clients something to appreciate their love for your store. Freebies, special discounts, a medal – really, any reward that you can give specifically for those who frequently buy from your store will make them stay for the long haul.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep customers confident in your store and coming back for more.

[Photo courtesy of Dennis Skley on Flickr]

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