08 Oct

10 Tips for Conversion Optimization with a Magento Store

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to turn casual site visitors into loyal customers with one flick of a switch? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, even in the field of e-commerce. Although it’s easy to set up a Magento store, the success of your online business depends on a lot of factors, some of which involve pleasing your store visitors enough to convince them to buy.

Because of the convenience of Magento, sprucing up your e-commerce store takes just a few modifications. If you want to see your profits grow and your customer loyalty go through the roof, here are ten tips for optimizing your Magento store to convert visits to purchases:

1. Showcase your bestselling products

Create a page – or a section on your homepage – that lists your top selling products. These items are bestsellers for a reason, and so you should tell your site visitors about these hot products.

2. Use top search keywords as categories

The most searched keywords are those that people are looking for on your website. Capitalize on that strength by using them as category terms.

3. Highlight your best features

Do you offer free shipping or a money-back guarantee? Make sure that people know this by putting the information on a conspicuous area of your website. You may use site alerts or sidebar banners to let your clients know.

4. Use the best product images

You should put up crisp, high-quality pictures on your product pages so that visitors can evaluate your item through the image. You can even up the ante and use videos to offer a 360-degree view of the product.

5. Infuse customer input into your website

A number of Magento add-ons let you put up a review system for your customers to leave feedback about the items that they bought. Give your clients an opportunity to share their story about your products.

6. Ensure your customers of a safe and secure shopping experience

Nobody wants to shop in a suspicious store, and the same is true with online shops. Remind them that your website is SSL-enabled and their privacy is intact. If you can, try to offer them various payment options to make them feel more secure.

7. Make the checkout process ultra-convenient

Checking out items for purchase should be convenient to the buyer. You can do so many things within this context: ensure that they don’t have to re-enter information when flipping through pages, show a breadcrumb-like outline of the checkout process, and put complete information on the checkout pages.

8. Strengthen shipping and returns policy

Let the item delivery be as hassle-free for the buyer as possible. This involves shortening the delivery time, telling the buyer about the expected arrival, or offering free shipping. It’s also good to draft a comprehensive return policy.

9. Use email to your advantage

Ensure the buyer receives an order confirmation email, and that it arrives properly. The latter involves the use of a good mail service provider. And please, say “thank you” to your customer through email!

10. Advertise your store within the site pages

Put up an “About” page complete with your history, mission and vision, and the people behind the company. Tell your visitors about your social media accounts. Although this may not directly result in purchases, these things can make visitors stick around longer.

These are some of the ways you can optimize your Magento e-commerce store to turn those promising site visitors into lucrative customers.

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